Val Di Terra was born during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. Its roots lay in a combined passion for wine which the three founding members share. The Covid-19 lockdown has been and remains a brutal attack on the South African wine industry. As a result an opportunity was identified to serve consumers and producers of wine in South Africa in a new and unique way.
We have partnered with Ken Forrester, a renowned producer of fine wines in the Western Cape, to bring to market a label, Val Di Terra wines, created in Johannesburg and produced by Ken on his estate exclusively for our business.
Based upon the success of the business model, we quickly realised that there was an opportunity to introduce other lifestyle products to the same or similar markets and that we were well positioned to offer people alternate means to acquire these products. At the same time, we could offer people a means to earn or supplement their income, particularly considering the devastating effects that Covid-19 has had on our economy and employment.
Our entire range of “own brand” products will be increased over time and will conform to our philosophy that:



Val Di Terra (Trademark pending) means “Valley of the Earth” and is signified by the beautiful Impala Lily, which is a unique, indigenous flower emanating from a small, hardy, succulent tree. This graceful wine is the fusion of mother nature, culminating in the pursuit of exceptional quality and drinking enjoyment.


Val Di Terra Health and Wellness is a range of products which is manufactured in South Africa and is positioned under the general Health and Wellness supplement category.
BioZest is a sugar-free, low GI, nutrient rich drink filled with antioxidants, fibre, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals to assist sustaining of energy, weight loss, control of blood glucose and hydration of the body. BioZest is certified 0% sugar and is ideal for diabetics to maintain a healthy lifestyle with optimal energy. BioZest is suitable for the whole family including children older than 6 months.

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One of the most important channels through which our company, DAWM Distributors, feeds our market, particularly the end user, is our “Consultant” Network.

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