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Val Di Terra (Trademark pending) means “Valley of the Earth” and is signified by the beautiful Impala Lily, which is a unique, indigenous flower emanating from a small, hardy, succulent tree. Our graceful wine is the fusion of mother nature, culminating in the pursuit of exceptional quality and drinking enjoyment.

Val Di Terra Wine was born during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. Its roots lay in a combined passion for wine which the three founding members share. The Covid-19 lockdown has been and remains a brutal attack on the South African wine industry. As a result, an opportunity was identified to serve consumers and producers of wine in South Africa in a new and unique way.
We have partnered with Ken Forrester, a renowned producer of fine wines in the Western Cape, to bring to market a label, Val Di Terra wines, created in Johannesburg and produced by Ken on his estate exclusively for our business.
Val Di Terra wines are premium quality when compared with similar products on the market and are exceptional value for money. The label image of the Impala Lily is copyrighted and was created exclusively for Val Di Terra by South African artist, Marion Binder.

Become a Val Di Terra Consultant

Supplement your income or build a career!

One of the most important channels through which our company, DAWM Distributors, feeds our market, particularly the end user, is our “Consultant” Network.


Val Di Terra Pinnotage

2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

This delicious soft, fruit driven wine has the typical leafiness and berry fruit you can expect from Cabernet. A delicate young wine, best served slightly chilled. Enjoy with hearty meals, friends and family.
Val Di Terra Pinnotage

2020 Pinotage

This cheerful Pinotage reflects the modern fruit driven wine style that is in huge demand today. Classic Pinotage aromas of spicy mulberries, plum pudding and ripe, black cherries, supported by smoky bacon nuances.
Val Di Terra Merlot

2019 Merlot

An elegant, well balanced , delicious, soft easy drinking Merlot.
2020 Sauvignon Blanc

2020 Sauvignon Blanc

Bright, crisp asparagus and fig flavours, fresh and delicious on the palate and perfect for casual meals, ideal with fish or chicken. Enjoy with friends! Best served chilled.
Val Di Terra 2020 Rosé

2020 Rosé

A crisp, dry, light wine with strawberry and cream flavours to be enjoyed cold with friends and anybody who loves life!

Buying Val Di Terra Wines

Val Di Terra, produced by Ken Forrester wineries, will be available exclusively via our on-line shop, through selected Consultants (facilitated online sales) and selected restaurants, lodges, hotels and clubs. These wines will not be available at retail outlets such as liquor stores and supermarkets.


“What a surprise these were. Thoroughly enjoyed all three. Loved the Rosé on a warm summer’s afternoon, and the Cabernet was especially nice with steak straight off the braai. Well done guys and keep up the good work. Can’t wait to try the Merlot and Pinotage”
Glenn C
“The Val Di Terra Sauvignon blanc is a delightfully smooth, fruity but crisp wine, up there with the best in its category whilst the dry Rose is simply the best that I have ever tasted!”
Luxury lodge GM Kruger Park
“What a rare surprise, sophisticated and elegant – wonderfully easy drinking wines that have been expertly made with obvious love and care. The Pinotage is simply world-class.”
“The entire range is simply outstanding. The label brings such a nice change to the old tried and tested labels being produced. The label itself attracts patrons to try the wines. Once they have tried them, they keep coming back for more. For those who enjoy a Merlot I would encourage you to try this one. The Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé are simply outstanding during our hot summer months.”
Restauranteur of 30 years


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